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150ml – 33% CAI-PAN®fit Mint Massage Creme Plus


Cools and refreshes your skin. The cream intensifies the effect of the massage and helps to loosen up muscles. Perfect to warm up before a match as well as for a relaxing massage after your workout or after strenuous physical exertion. The skin nourishing cream contains pure Japanese CAI-PAN® peppermint oil that makes your skin feel fresh. A revitalising and relaxing massage experience.

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CAI-PAN massage lotion is used to sooth and deeply warm the massaged area limbering up better preparing you for physical activity and for warming down the muscles afterwards.

The main ingredient is CAI-PAN® Japanese peppermint oil, which has been mixed with a smooth and skin-nourishing cream to create a formula that is very pleasant for massaging.

With contents of 33 % Japanese peppermint oil, this formula is more potent and gives a more intense relaxing and soothing effect of the massaged area.

When massaging the affected area with this cream the skin is soothed and a deep warm feeling ensues. We specifically recommend the use of CAI-PAN 33% after physical activity.

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