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CAI-PAN Headquarters in Denmark

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Since 1981 CAI-PAN has been supplying health products made from natural ingredients for daily use, sports and agricultural needs.

CAI-PAN’s products contain pure Japanese peppermint oil, imported directly from the world’s premier peppermint plantations. CAI-PAN creams and liniments are used by World Class football teams, tennis stars and Olympic ski teams to help alleviate tired muscles, cramps and injuries.

This pure Japanese peppermint oil has fantastic qualities, whether massaged into affected areas or inhaled. The lotion is for massaging into the skin, muscles areas and joints and produces a deep warmth and soothing of the area, while the roll-on is a convenient way of applying the liniment.

The oil can be rubbed into the temples and neck to relieve headaches and fatigue or added to boiling water and inhaled to relieve colds. Add 5-8 (max) drops to your hot bath and breathe! In Denmark, the oil is used in saunas for clearing nasal congestion.

CAI-PAN is known as “Denmark’s No. 1 household remedy”. Of course CAI-PAN has earned this title – we didn’t make it up!

CAI-PAN fulfills the Asiatic Yin-Yang principle by prompting an interaction between hot and cold forces within the body, which results in a healing cycle.

CAI-PAN natural medicine has earned its place in your medicine cabinet, sports bag, handbag and your car’s glove box!